Brief History & Structure of O.T.O. Macedonia

Ordo Templi Orientis was established on the territory of Macedonia in 1996 e.v., initially as a Camp called Oceans of Light, located in the capital of Skopje. They performed their Minerval and First Degree Initiations for the first time on 19 & 20.06.1997 e.v. & published the Book of the Law in Macedonian (and Albanian) in 1998 e.v.. Oceans of Light Camp ceased to exist after 2000 e.v..

The torch was then passed to the newly formed Trinu Camp from Bitola in 2003 e.v.. It was upgraded by the Supreme Council to Oasis at the beginning of 2013 e.v. and moved to the neighboring town of Prilep in 2015 e.v.. Members of the Trinu Oasis publish their local periodical TRINC at irregular intervals, with 20 editions of it so far. The magazine is generally designated "members only." In addition, Trinu Oasis has also published 11 Macedonian translations of books by Aleister Crowley, available for order at this online bookstore.

Camp Odin was yet another attempt to organize a Local Body of the O.T.O. in Skopje. It existed briefly from 2007 e.v. to 2011 e.v., after which it was transformed and reorganized into its current form as Secret Fire, and subsequently upgraded by the Supreme Council to Oasis at the beginning of 2013 e.v.. Resolution 170925.06, motion to upgrade Secret Fire Oasis in the valley of Skopje - Macedonia, to Lodge, has been carried out by the Supreme Council on November the 6th 2017 e.v.. Members of the Secret Fire Lodge publish their local periodical SAMEKH at irregular intervals, with 6 editions of it so far. Together with the Trinu Oasis, Secret Fire Lodge published the second revised Macedonian translation of the Book of the Law in 2013 e.v..

Camp Osoronnofris from Kochani is the newest Local Body of the Order in Macedonia, approved by the Supreme Council on 17.07.2015 e.v..